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News October 9, 2017

Climbing Gran Paradiso and Bishorn.

It’s been not my good year to climb to the top of Mont Blanc. In the spring we missed the summit due to the strong wind, in July we didn’t go anyfurther the Grand Couloir du Gouter for the crazy wind and the new snow, at the end of August we broke trail to the Tete Rousse Hute and then…

News September 21, 2017

Climbing the Matterhorn via the Hornli Ridge.

Climbing the Matterhorn is not easy, not even via the Hornli Ridge. The mountain needs to be in good shape (read in good condition, without snow below 4000 meters), but above all you have to be ready, up to a big day of 8-9 hours in high altitude where you can count the minutes break on your two hnads fingers….

News / Rock Climbing September 5, 2017

Climbing the Normal Route of Little Fermeda, Odle Massif.

Despite being pretty far from home, I always like to go climbing on the Odle massif. Its north walls, the ones facing the Funes valley (Reinhold Messner native land) are the most photographed and popular, but not for the climbers as the climbing routes are very demanding and mostly on poor rock; on the other side, where the sun shines,…