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I don’t think there’s something that makes me more satisfied than going out ski touring. During the winter I spend many days on the lifts, with a lot of people rushing around even when they’re on holiday. I spend my days off looking after my girls and wandering around with the skins, to listen to sound of silence of the nature surrounding me.  Skinning up, that’s the way I like to stay in shape. I like to climb up to ski down, and I always look for tours with a challenging descent, possibly doing a loop rather skiing down where I climbed up. In the last decade I’ve lived with the skis on for most of the year, April and May as well, when I should go back into rock climbing, but these two are best months for the ski tours I’ve dreamed for all winter.

In this page you’ll find some ski touring offers, from day trips in the Dolomites and beyond to the big classic ski touring traverses of the springtime, when the ski touring season is a its best. If you have your own ideas, dream tours and projects do not hesitate to contact me. Together we will make it happen.

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The Dolomites ski traverse.

What does the Dolomites ski traverse need to become famous? If I have to be honest and compared it to the Queen  of the Haute Route, the Chamonix – Zermatt, and many others, I can see only pros. The italian Dolomites are so unique and beautiful! And should we talk about food and accomodations? A holiday must also be pleasant and…

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Ski touring in the Dolomites, guided day trips.

WHEN: from December to May COST (VAT included): € 310 pp per day, with an increase of 10% per participant up to 4 people per group. INCLUDED: guide service, avalanche transceivers. From December until the end of May I arrange private ski touring guided day trips in all the mountain ranges of the Dolomites, from the Odle to Sassolungo, the…

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Traversata delle Dolomiti con gli sci da San Martino di Castrozza alle Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

Lo scorso inverno ho guidato dei gruppi lungo la traversata delle Dolomiti da San Martino di Castrozza alle Tre Cime di Lavaredo in numerosi varianti e condizioni di neve. Ciò mi ha permesso di arrivare ad una proposta definitiva per chi vuole percorrerla senza faticare troppo in salita, sfruttando gli impianti di risalita e qualche altro “aiuto esterno”. Le salite…

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Ski the Haute Route Chamonix-Zermatt via Verbier.

If you ask to somebody “Do you know the Haute Route?” everybody knows what you’re talking about. The Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt is by far the most famous ski touring trip in the world, it’s a hut-to-hut ski trip around the most amazing glaciers of the Western Alps. You start in the Mont Blanc massif and finish the ski…

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Ski Mountaineering to the top of Mont Blanc.

WHEN: 2 days, from May to June, on request. COST: € 1000 with a person, € 1,200 with two persons. INCLUDED: Mountain Guide service, technical gear ( harness, crampons, ice axe) NOT INCLUDED: Transfers, lifts accommodation, meals and extras for the participants and the guide Climbing to the top of Mont Blanc with skis is by far one of the…

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Skiing the Dolomites Haute Route

WHEN: 6 days on skis, from february to mid april. COSTS: please send an inquire if interested. The Dolomites, thanks to great connections in between ski resorts and a system of comfortable and cozy mountain huts, they offer amazing opportuinities to set up hut-to-hut trips, combining the skiing off-piste served by lifts with some ski touring sections. My plan is for…