Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is like a drug, when you start you can’t live without it. Climbing has no age, these days you might see little kids pulling some holds on the indoor climbing walls,  I was 21 we I first started and the following year I was already climbing my first classic routes in the Dolomites. Ah..the good old days! I could not have enough, I was tackling the big classic line one after the others, those of the grade VI age.  I call myself lucky as on my guiding job I have the chance to meet people who discover rock climbing in their older age, so I can forge and introduce them to this beautiful world . It’s never too late to start climb, a big passion is all you need, there are so many climbs for all kind of level and people, call yourself a beginner or a super duper expert..
I love climbing in the Dolomites, these rock walls made the history of the rock climbing back in the days. As a guide I taking people on the normal routes, and follow the steps of the first climbers and true adventurers back in the nineteenth century, and I also guide on the great classics of  the fifth grade era, sometimes even something harder. On this page you will find not only recommended climbing trips in the Dolomites, but also something in the Grigne area, close to Milano, suitable for the off season, and some great classic of the Alps, as the Pizzo Badile. I’m also ready to listen to your ideas and plans, and we’ll try to make your dreams come true.

News / Rock Climbing On September 5, 2017

Climbing the Normal Route of Little Fermeda, Odle Massif.

Despite being pretty far from home, I always like to go climbing on the Odle massif. Its north walls, the ones facing the Funes valley (Reinhold Messner native land) are the most photographed and popular, but not for the climbers as the climbing routes are very demanding and mostly on poor rock; on the other side, where the sun shines,…

Activities / News / Rock Climbing On November 18, 2018

Dolomites, climbing Spigolo Gross on Sass Pordoi and Kiene on Cinque Dita, Sassolungo.

The Sella Massif and Sassolungo mountain range are two of the most amazing spots in the Dolomites for those who love climbing the classic trad routes. The Spigolo Gross ont Sass Pordoi and the Kiene route on Cinque Dita are two classic climbs up to grade V, almost the same difficulties but featuring two different style of climbing. Aldo Gross…

News / Rock Climbing On December 10, 2016

Rock climbing in the Dolomites.

WHEN: from late May to the end of November. COST: starting from 350€/day with one person. WHAT’S INCLUDED: guiding service and the technical equipment if needed (harness, helmet, climbing shoes) The Dolomites feature the perfect playground for rock climbing, no matter if it’s a single pitch or a classic hard multipitch route. These mountains have challenges for all kind of…