I have never regretted my choice to be a freelancer, I have indeed always struggled to grasp the advantages, such as being able to work wherever there is demand, driven by my passion for the mountains.
“The fire of passion needs to be fed, always” is a phrase I often say to myself. Clients satisfaction is the most important aspect for me and I’ve always tried to find the solutions and itineraries that best suit their needs.
My relationship with the client is a growth path that we build together: we start with easy itineraries, and then we add, step by step, some difficulties to get out of the comfort zone, in order to grow and thereby achieve more ambitious goals.

The joy when "you made it". Mont Blanc.

The joy when “you made it”. Mont Blanc.

There is no greater satisfaction for me to see, day after day, my clients improvements, being aware that it’s because of my teaching and training. I’d like to call them as “my creatures” in some ways.

Usually I arrange trips for small groups, this ensures more flexibility and safety when you’re up in the mountains. Guiding with big ratios would lead to a lower quality of my service, with the risk of not being able to achieve the goal of a trip.
The trips you find in my website are just ideas that I taylor made to the clients needs, that’s why only few of them have a fixed departure. Many times people contact me to go and climb somewhere else, their projects and exciting ideas sometimes have given me the chance to climb peaks I’ve not been to already (a guide may not have climbed all the peaks of the Alps, expecially if he/she’s young like me :-)). So don’t be afraid if, at the first meeting, I might say, with a smile, that the adventure you signed up for it will be for both of us: the high level of training and experience a mountain guide has built up over the years will lead to a brilliant success even if it’s gonna be “my first time”.

On my Facebook page you can read some reviews people left at the end of our adventure, as well as many photos from my journeys up in the mountains.