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News December 8, 2018

Again on top of the Matterhorn via the Hornli Ridge.

My idea of climbing the Hornli ridge on the Matterhorn with Graham came up fueled by lots of enthusiasm and the great weather, perhaps due to an overdose of high altitude and thin air? Anywhow, I did my best to leave the Gouter Hut as soon as possible to get back to the car and drive to Switzerland to meet…

Activities / News / Rock Climbing November 18, 2018

Dolomites, climbing Spigolo Gross on Sass Pordoi and Kiene on Cinque Dita, Sassolungo.

The Sella Massif and Sassolungo mountain range are two of the most amazing spots in the Dolomites for those who love climbing the classic trad routes. The Spigolo Gross ont Sass Pordoi and the Kiene route on Cinque Dita are two classic climbs up to grade V, almost the same difficulties but featuring two different style of climbing. Aldo Gross…

News November 11, 2018

Climbing Nadelhorn and Stecknadelhorn, Valais Alps.

The Nadelhorn and Stecknadelhorn are two 4000 meter peaks above Saas Fee, in the Valais Alps, and these two are part of that long chain of 4000 meter peaks that starts from the South with the Alphubel and ends with the Durrenhorn to the North. The 4000 meter peak collector knows very well this corner of the Valais Alps, because…

News October 28, 2018

Climbing the Matterhorn on a mountaineering week.

Climbing the Matterhorn on a mountaineering week is one of the classic programs for a mountain guide working in the Alps. I have never guided an Italian client on a week like this, because “he / she” wants to give it a go last minute, waiting for the best weather window so to book you just for the 2 summit…