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News November 11, 2018

Alpinismo sui 4000, Nadelhorn e Stecknadelhorn.

Il Nadelhorn e Stecknadelhorn sono due 4000 sopra Saas Fee, fanno parte di quella lunga catena di cime oltre i 4000 che partono dall’Alphubel a sud per terminare con il Durrenhorn verso nord. Il collezionista dei 4000 conosce bene questo angolo del Vallese, poiché in un solo giorno può mettere nel sacco ben 4 cime oltre i 4000 metri, se…

News October 28, 2018

Climbing the Matterhorn on a mountaineering week.

Climbing the Matterhorn on a mountaineering week is one of the classic programs for a mountain guide working in the Alps. I have never guided an Italian client on a week like this, because “he / she” wants to give it a go last minute, waiting for the best weather window so to book you just for the 2 summit…

News September 22, 2018

Climbing the Mittellegi ridge on the Eiger.

The Eiger is one of the most famous mountain in the Alps, in the summer the Mittellegi ridge is the classic route  to the top of the Ogre. The Mittellegi ridge is not always in great conditions, and the Mittellegi hut is so small and always overbooked that it could be already challenging to plan the adventure. But this year…

News / Off-Piste Skiing / Ski Touring May 25, 2018

The Dolomites ski traverse.

What does the Dolomites ski traverse need to become famous? If I have to be honest and compared it to the Queen  of the Haute Route, the Chamonix – Zermatt, and many others, I can see only pros. The italian Dolomites are so unique and beautiful! And should we talk about food and accomodations? A holiday must also be pleasant and…

News / Off-Piste Skiing May 16, 2018

Off-piste week around St Anton, Arlberg.

Last February I moved to St Anton in Arlberg for for a week of deep powder and off piste skiing  with Rich and his friends from Tiburon, California. I’ve been skiing around the Arlberg for quite a bit now that I can say I know the area between St Anton, Zurs and Lech pretty well, thanks to Kai also, a…

News May 4, 2018

February and March Off piste skiing and ski touring in the Dolomites. Valscura couloir on Sassongher, Holzer couloir, skiing around Arabba, Marmolada and the Sella Massif. Ski touring around Puez and Monte Pelmo.

February and March are the perfect months for off piste skiing and ski touring. In the Dolomites we didn’t have other huge snowfalls after the one on the day after Christmas, but we had many little dumps which were perfect to build the layer up and cover the old tracks. The conditions for couloir skiing were already good in mid-January,…

News February 1, 2018

January, ski touring, off-piste and steep skiing in the Dolomites. Costabella on Cristallo, forcella di Colfiedo ski traverse, Arabba, gruppo del Puez, Val delle Fontane and Holzer Couloir on Sella group.

After ten days of perfect weather the strong wind “finally” showed up for several days in the Dolomites, making our lives tough to find safe ski itineraries with good snow. Some hidden valleys remained protected by the wind, couloirs got back into good shapes, mostly all the open bowls  became smooth hard packed, like the Val Mesdì which was very…