The Bernese Oberland is one of the most popular ski touring area in the Alps. Everybody knows about the 4000m peaks around there, very few people (except the locals) go checking out the “wild east” side of this mountain range, say it’s difficult to get in there as you have to skin a lot to reach the two main huts, the Bachlitalhutte and further on the Gaulihutte; or because there are no mayor peaks to climb. Is it true?
Well, you better ask these guys from Colorado I took around there last Easter what they think about the Gauligletscher area. Because we had a blast! Thanks to the great weather and snow quality, we had 5 great days around there, including a uber big one to climb the Wetterhorn from the Gaulihutte. The last day featured another gem, an endless descent from the Rosenhorn down the Rosenlaui gletscher, almost 2500 meter downhill.
Eliminato: Below here you have a good selection of pictures, check them out!