I think there are not so many trips where you can guarantee emotions and unique experiences since the beginning, certainly The Wild Blue Trek is one of these. It is a guarantee of quality and also of success, why? Should I have to be honest? Tell me about another adventure trip where the weather is almost always perfect, and every day you hike, climb, jump in the water and sleep under the stars in crazy places. That’s the essence of the Wild Blue Trek.
In two weeks back in October I got only half a day of bad weather, for the rest it was always sunny, sometimes a bit too hot (if I drink 2 liters of water a day, it means you really sweat!). What I bring in from these Wild Blue Trek is the happiness of those I’ve been guiding, I’m thinking of these 60+ years old guys, who had never rock climbed in their lives, never slept outside on a sleeping bag, yet they enjoyed every single moment of the Wild Blue Trek, no matter if it was a fun moment or a tough one there was always a nice smile in their faces.

The Wild Blue Trek, day5. Climbing the steel chained pitch of Mount Plummare.

Below you will find many images from the trip that will take you into this adventure, but the Wild Blue Trek is an trip that deserves to be experienced firsthand, remember this.
I have also added some pictures from a nicemorning at Pedra Longa, together with Marta, where we climbed “Marinaio di Foresta”, a beautiful multipitch climb that is perfect if you have just few hours off. If I can add something more than what’s written on PlanetMountain, the rock in the first pitch is not completely solid, so I would recommend to move carefully as the bolts here and along all the pitches is quite “airy” for these grades (keep an eye if you’re not very solid at climbing 6a..).

Lungo il traverso a metà via di “Marinaio di Foresta”, Pedra Longa.

The quality of the rock then improves and already from the third pitch is beautiful, bomber in the last two. As a last thing, I do not understand why people use chalk here, even though the sun is melting you down the rock is so sharp and aggressive that you can’t slip at all.
Don’t miss this route if you’re passing by Santa Maria, it could also be an option on a Wild Blue Trek early in the morning before driving to the airport in Cagliari.