March always delivers great emotions and skiing in the Dolomites, even if this season has been pretty dry like I’ve never seen before. During the Dolomites ski traverse I think I had seen it all… snow, strong wind, then rain up to 2000 meters, and again strong wind from the North. The weather for the following week was forecasted to be beautiful, and together with Carlo , my friend and colleague, we were waiting for a group from Ski Club of Great Britain to ski off-piste .. .but where else rather than Marmolada? I have to say our biggest fortune was the excellent preparation of all the participants, who have placed all their hopes on us to spend a nice week of off-piste skiing in Arabba. They were up to skinning for couple hours, bootpacking with boot crampons and ski in the backpack in order to put some nice turns downhill.
In six days I think we skied the very best available. A first day on the Marmolada glacier, then the Val Mesdì, the Vallon di Ra Ola in the Tofane (probably we were the first of the season), then the icon of Arabba, Sass de Mesdì (while you sit outside the bar in Arabba sipping a beer and you look up to that mountain, you can point this descent out and say : we skied down there!), and two of the most beautiful ski traverse of the Sella massif and all the Dolomites : Val Setus and Val Culea Integrale. We just needed to do some ropework and abseiling to say we did it all! Congratulations again to the team (this time as well there were some over 60, but they do are strong!), it was a fantastic week for us guides as well.