Spring season always delivers good times to all ski touring lovers, especially this 2016-17 season. Couple weeks ago in the Dolomites we had  almost two feet of snow fell into Marmolada in a few days, and everything was whiter than winter. Even around the Alps, the activity has been intense, as many steep had been pretty icy for most of the season, but now some snow storms have brought humid snow and everything is well plastered in white.

Strahlhorn ski touring, Saas Fee.

Here you find a selection of pictures from my latest ski touring trips of the season. A beautiful descent from the Forcella del Vernel, a quick run up and down in Punta Penia, Marmolada, a great day on the Zuckerhutl in Austria (where I think I skied one of the best snow in the season) and finally a week in the Alps. Our challenge was skiing from the top of Mont Blanc, and we got ready for it with a good acclimatization stage around Saas Fee where we climbed the  Strahlhorn and Rimpfischhorn. On our Mont Blanc summit day we also took advanage of a quick fly on the helicopter below the Dome du Gouter to make our life easier up there,but  unfortunately that was not enough to succeed. An unexpected strong wind from the East stopped our attempt just below the Bosses Arete,keep going up like other teams did would have put in danger the safety of our teams. The descent from the Vallot shelter down to the Plan de l’Aiguille was however amazing, deep powder snow on the top part, a short crusty section and then perfect corn snow. Crossing the Jonction now is in very good condition. Thanks Alon and BAM group for great time up in the mountain and to my friend guide Francis Kelsey for sharing the guiding. We had so much fun.
Now it is time to wear tight climbing shoes, before heading to the beach for some deserved  family holidays. See you soon!