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News On February 15, 2017

My winter on the road. Chamonix, ski touring to Col d’Argentiere and Aiguilles Rouges ski traverse. Pointe Alphonse Favre and Aiguille du Belvedere.

It’s gonna be difficult to forget this winter season for people like me who live in the Dolomites and need the real snow to survive and feed his/her family, beside the fake snow on the slopes. Despite the last snowfall has pulled the morale of many people up, the general conditions in the Dolomites for skiing off-piste and ski touring are still difficult, and you…

News On December 19, 2016

December, ski touring to the Col d’Argentière and climbing in the Dolomites. Diedro Dall’Oglio on Cima del Lago and Campanile di Val Montanaia normal route.

This has been the second december in a row without snow. Just a matter of bad luck? A cycle or is it been all because of the climate change? I think it’s a bit of everything. The high pressure is still strong in Europe and in the Alps, it’s been three weeks already with beautiful days from sunrise to sunset,…