It’s gonna be difficult to forget this winter season for people like me who live in the Dolomites and need the real snow to survive and feed his/her family, beside the fake snow on the slopes. Despite the last snowfall has pulled the morale of many people up, the general conditions in the Dolomites for skiing off-piste and ski touring are still difficult, and you really have to take what you get – little. Those who has been following me on Instagram have noticed that I’ve been pretty much on the road, here and there around the Alps, from West to East, chasing the best snow to ski. Last weekend I was in Chamonix, where the conditions improved a lot after the last snowfall. The Vallée Blanche and all the ski tours around Aiguilles Rouges are in pretty good conditions now. We were lucky enough to skin up to the Col d’Argentiere more easily than expected, thanks to a French team who broke trail above us on deep snow. On the downhill, unlike them, we left the uphill track to draw some nice lines down the most beautiful slopes which had not been affected by the wind.

Bootpacking up to Pointe Alphonse Favre. Aiguilles Rouges ski traverse.

The next day we went exploring the other side of Chamonix, the Aiguilles Rouges are a great playground with the skis, they kinda remind me of the Cadini Misurina in the Dolomites where you also can climb with the skins and bootpack up some steep and narrow couloir, in order to combine more descents on a single day. At the end of the day we climbed up with skins and skis on the backpack three times in total, starting with the Col des Crochues, then the Pointe Alphonse Favre and finally up to the ridge of the Aiguille du Belvedere. The downhill, following the Glacier Mort down and before dropping into the endless Vallon du Berard was very exciting, we skied some beautiful powder snow with a bit of ski sauvage in the final part.
Here you have a selection of images from these two beautiful days together with Jean and Giovanni. The next episode of my winter on the road will be in Austria, where I am at the moment. Stay tuned :)