News May 18, 2017

Last ski touring trips of the season. Forcella del Vernel, Punta Penia, Zuckerhutl, Strahlhorn, Rimpfischhorn and Mont Blanc.

Spring season always delivers good times to all ski touring lovers, especially this 2016-17 season. Couple weeks ago in the Dolomites we had  almost two feet of snow fell into Marmolada in a few days, and everything was whiter than winter. Even around the Alps, the activity has been intense, as many steep had been pretty icy for most of the…

News April 5, 2017

Skiing the Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt. Pictures and GPS tracks.

The Haute Route is probably the most famous hut to hut trip on skisall over the world and it goes across glaciers and high mountains in the Alps. When you talk about the Haute Route, anyone who’s passionate about skis and mountains understands what we’re talking about, and lots of people from all around the world reach Chamonix every spring for this…

News April 2, 2017

Last ski days of the season in the Dolomites. Off-piste skiing in Arabba, Sella massif ski traverse via Val Ciadin and Culea, Forcella Bachet ski traverse, ski mountaineering to Punta Penia and Forcella del Vernel.

After the two good weeks together with the Ski Club Great Britain, the snow situation in the Dolomites was getting more critical in some ways. The temperature was getting higher, the snow on south slopes disappeared visibly around 2000 meters, and a warm Fohn wind blew constantly from the north. Never before this season my attitude has been “let’s go and see” rather…

News March 22, 2017

Dolomites ski traverse with The Ski Club of Great Britain, from San Martino di Castrozza to Lake Braies.

I was pretty worried about the Dolomites ski traverse from San Martino di Castrozza in Braies scheduled for late February with Ski Club of Great Britain team. The skitour to Forcella Bachet had given me some hope, but there were still many uncertaintes about the possibility of doing a whole trip on skis outside the groomed slopes. Fortunately something happened the day…

News February 15, 2017

My winter on the road. Chamonix, ski touring to Col d’Argentiere and Aiguilles Rouges ski traverse. Pointe Alphonse Favre and Aiguille du Belvedere.

It’s gonna be difficult to forget this winter season for people like me who live in the Dolomites and need the real snow to survive and feed his/her family, beside the fake snow on the slopes. Despite the last snowfall has pulled the morale of many people up, the general conditions in the Dolomites for skiing off-piste and ski touring are still difficult, and you…